• Draft event budget (indicating all anticipated income and expense) for Committee approval
  • Monitor expenditure against the budget, ensure costs are within budget, and provide regular updates
  • Open and manage event specific bank account
  • Receive income payments from attendees, sponsors and exhibitors (if applicable)
  • Prepare GST reports
  • Provide regular and transparent financial reporting
  • Negotiate best-value rates and conditions with suppliers
  • Provide Treasurer (or appointed person) with copies of all invoices for approval prior to payment
  • Finalise all accounts and payments including remittance of any surplus to client, and provide final budget
Since 2007, we have successfully managed a number of client accounts and a significant amount of funds where we were the only signatory on the account. Our ethics and transparency is proven by the fact that clients (including Federal and State Government clients) continue to trust us to manage their money in an ethical and transparent manner.