Amy Mailander is our Event Manager and works closely with Susan Harris to ensure the ongoing success of both the business and our client’s events. Amy started working with Absolute Events & Marketing in January 2014 through an internship and accepted the role of Event Co-Ordinator in April that year. Due to the growth in her role and of AEM, she has recently been appointed to the role of Event Manager.

As well as managing the event websites, registration processes and accommodation requirements, Amy is instrumental in managing the involvement of sponsors, exhibitors, programme and speaker arrangements. Her relationship building skills are invaluable to the success of our clients’ events.

Amy is highly experienced on EventsAir – our comprehensive event management software and has successfully coordinated the database requirements for over 50 events. AEM was one of the first companies to use EventsAir and Amy’s daily, in-depth knowledge and usage ensures she can utilise the software to its fullest capability and is able to customise requirements to suit each event.

One of Amy’s many strengths is her ability to successfully co-ordinate multiple aspects of the events – all while providing an extremely high level of professional and efficient service.

Prior to her time at AEM, for more than 10 years (in locations throughout Australia and the USA), she worked within the hospitality and retail sector in fast food, restaurants, venues and hotels. Through her roles, ranging from entry level to supervisory, she developed and honed a unique skill set which now greatly assists both AEM and our clients. Amy’s extensive experience in food and beverage management, provides a wealth of knowledge utilised in her current role which benefits AEM clients and contributes to the success of their events.

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