Susan and Amy are ably supported by a team of professionals who assist in the office in the lead up to the event (with jobs such as sponsorship and exhibition liaison, speaker assistance), and then onsite registration staffing and support – the myriad of duties required to ensure a successful, fun, friendly event.

The number of onsite staff depends on the attendee numbers and required services.  All team members are well versed in customer service and have worked with us for many years.  

Our onsite team is renowned for its friendly service to attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.  We are very aware that we are not only representing our company, but the onsite team is the “face” of the event.  The onsite attendee experience begins, usually, during check in at the registration desk and this will set the tone for their whole event experience.

Our attitude is to ‘do whatever it takes to get make it happen’ and we generally receive high scores of 95%+ Excellent/Very Good for friendliness and service and smoothness of event organisation.

If volunteers are involved, prior to the event, we prepare a volunteer briefing document which include FAQs and any other information our experience tells us they may need. We hold a briefing meeting and ideally an onsite walk-through.